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Upcoming Conferences
ICT Week
ICT Week May 8-15
Tallinn Estonia
iKnowWare Goes to Hollywood with iKnowProductions
At&t Certified Verizon Wireless TMC's Internet Telephony Best in Show award
Executive Office and Briefing Center

Tamiro Plaza
Second Floor
6th and Austin Avenue
Georgetown, Texas 78628
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The Nordic-Baltic ICT people,EU, and Internationals will converge to showcase the best public and private sector ICT expertise as the second edition of ICT Week is the epicenter for the exchange of ideas and networking between ICT professionals. The focus of the ICT Week 2015 will be on e-Governance and e-Residency, Green IT, Smart Industry, Fintech, Security and the IoT Evolution.

iKnowWare's Mark Spilotro is privileged to participate in the offer of an exciting mix of quality events to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, IT professionals, government leaders and policymakers from all over the world. "We are excited to be a part of this growing weeklong event of 300 e-government experts and CIOs with 1000+ people from all over the world gathered for Nordic Digital Agendas Day where Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia share their vision and digital agendas." Mark said "Becoming an E-Estonian a Digital Citizen is innovation first that I look forward to personally becoming an E-Estonian" See you there and schedule a meeting/appointment now!

AT&T Developer Summit

iKnowWare meets fellow Developers and Industry leaders at the ninth-annual AT&T Developer Summit on January 3-5 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. After the Hackahon Presentations (of which last year iKnowWare won 2 Innovation Awards) we connect with the world at the Consumer Electronics Show.

iKnowWare's DevOps met with Ford's Connected Services Solutions "connected car" organization at CTIA in October and with iKnowWare's Certified Solutions being offered thru at&t we are developing and adding new connected home functionality, wearables device partners, and Internet of Things M2M to empower more innovation for the application development community.

Beginning Saturday, January 3, AT&T will host its largest hackathon of the year with $100,000 in prizes. iKnowWare coders will compete once again in the mobile app hackathon and work with other developers and industry professionals to fast-build an app from scratch using our powerful suite of APIs and expertise in the connected car and home. See you there and schedule a meeting with iKnowWare DevOps at at&t Developers Conference: make an appointment now!

MWC 2015
MWC 2015

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a world-class venue to promote iKnowWare's story and our vision alongside leaders like Visa, Telenor Group, Renault-Nissan with our global innovation focused on industries of health, Internet of Things and Sensors, M2M and automotive.

iKnowWare returns to App Planet where developers will gather to focus on the mobile app development industry. iKnowWare (and 200 showcasers will be present) schedules demonstrations, network with carrier/operators on our services roadmap.

Schedule a meeting with iKnowWare at Mobile World Congress: make an appointment now! We will demonstrate our proven solutions and share our vision of continued solutions evolution to reduce time to market and enhance mobile service offerings for revenue growth.

We invite you to visit us during MWC 2015 at Networking Gardens are located on the Upper Walkway above Congress Square (between Halls 4 & 8)

As Mark Spilotro said "The Network had to happen" to drive Enterprise demand for mobile and cloud solutions, a $26B market opportunity according to IDC; as of 2013 Forrester categorizes nearly one-third of the global workforce as anytime, anywhere information workers. This workforce uses three or more devices, works from multiple locations, and uses many apps. Forrester also expects workforce mobility demands "will continue to rise" with an expectation of 905 million tablets to be used for both work and home globally by 2017. As the "the anytime, anywhere work trend is just getting started," we expect those mobile network operators enticing enterprises with mobile UC solutions like iKnowWare over faster speeds and will see an earlier return on network expansion and channel investments.


The Telecommunications Industry Association, Washington, DC
Inside the Network

The iKnowWare platform for business management, the patented communications features, differentiate iKnowWare to the growing mobile workforce, and how iKnowWare will help carriers drive monetization of mobility services in next gen networks today.

The location-aware messaging in iKnowWare helps carriers monetize mobility services by going beyond the limits of SMS and email to include unlimited message length, embedded images, hyperlinks, and even turn-by-turn directions. Information rich alerts get to your people quickly saving time and money and delighting customers with better 'anytime' service.

The iKnowWare platform isn't just for business. Mobile Health (mHealth) has benefits for patients, medical professionals, insurers and wireless carriers and iKnowWare is positioned to be a leader in this segment. Beginning in Q1 2014 the iKnowWare platform will be a part of an exclusive new portable medical monitoring technology that will redefine the treatment of chronic conditions. The core communications innovations in iKnowWare will set the standard for mHealth connectivity and patient care.

CARTES 2013: iKnowWare/iKnowHEALTH

Paris, November 19, 2013

iKnowWare at CARTES connecting digital security with innovative solutions to transform personal data into the mobile wireless networks protecting and personalizing for individual customers' business. iKnowWare delivers trusted solutions with Carrier/Operators in three mission critical areas. iKnowWare's featured highlights:

    • Mobile Biometrics: Convenience and security for the banking/health sector
    • Trusted Identity Services: Anytime, anywhere, for both public and private sectors
    • New Multi-Factored Authentication: Biometric Devices of tablets, access control handhelds
    • Secured Transactions through NFC
    • iKnowWare/iKnowHEALTH's various M2M solutions
    • Network redundancy across 4G/LTE, 3G, WiFi and remote subscription management with measured Quality of Service KPIs and Trusted Service Management
    • Next-generation realtime interactive mobile marketing
    • Mobile Payment Solutions: Secure NFC authentication
    • Payment & Biometrics: Highly secure and easy to use
    • Logistics, Transport & Invoicing: Fast, convenient & multifunctional
    • Secure Online Transactions: mPayments & A/R collections accelerated
iKnowWare Embedded mobile
iKnowHealth Logo

Device, handset, and tablet manufactures with the automotive, healthcare and utilities sectors represent a relatively untapped market opportunities for the mobile ecosystem. iKnowWare is an AT&T Certified Solution and bundle our Platform As A Service with new devices that Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices at AT&T and his Team evaluate.

iKnowHEALTH delivers mHealth scale with Operators to embed mobile into existing government and private health systems. GSMA defines the mHealth market to be worth $23 billion by 2017 in the new report, 'Touching Lives through Mobile Health: Assessment of the Global Market Opportunity', conducted by PwC argues that mobile tech holds the key to medical advances in mature and emerging markets.

iknowHealth Kiosk

iKnowWare and iKnowHEALTH Global

The magic combination of smartphones, machine to machine connectivity and mobile broadband roll-out powers the new global opportunities. PwC projects this market to be worth $11.5 billion to operators, $6.6 billion to OEMs, $2.6 billion app makers and $2.4 billion to healthcare providers by 2017. Europe will lead in terms of revenues at $6.9 billion, Asia Pacific at $6.8 billion, North America at $6.5 billion, Latin America at $1.6 billion and Africa at $1.2 billion.

iKnowWare's focuses on User adoption supported by recommendations from medical professionals, overall service affordability & widespread availability of content and devices. Connecting with Leaders of developed countries needing to reduce the cost of universal healthcare & governments looking to roll out life-saving services to in-need communities. Governments/Regulators should take steps to adopt mHealth as an effective way to improve access to & affordability of healthcare and encourage the use of mHealth services by public healthcare providers with incentives to private providers to deliver mHealth services. iKnowHEALTH mobile technology offers the ability to deliver highly effective, scalable & affordable healthcare beyond the confines of a hospital to reduce re- admissions.

iKnowHEALTH m-health products & services include monitoring services (ie chronic disease management) to account for 65 per cent of the market ($15 billion) by 2017. Diagnosis services will comprise 15 per cent of the market ($3.4 billion). Our introduction of iKnowHEALTH offer to telemedicine and health call centres allow those in isolated areas to connect with healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere.

iKnowWare joins with CTIA for MEDICA
Medica Logo iKnowHealth

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) announced iKnowWare will be a featured solution at MEDICA, the EU's premier Medical industry event.

At MEDICA iKnowWare will be presenting their latest industry edition, iKnowHealth. Attendees will have the opportunity for one-on-one demonstrations of the patented iKnowWare mobile platform featuring support for an exclusive new portable medical monitoring technology. The iKnowHealth edition is positioned to redefine the treatment of chronic conditions.

A multifaceted blend of broadband technologies, wireless and fixed architectures, platform and applications, iKnowHealth brings the strengths of iKnowWare to the health care industry. It enables patients and health care workers to turn their smart phones into powerful tools. Patient/provider interaction using messaging and videoconferencing is conducted securely via "the Cloud" in a reliable, scalable, and sustainable way.

The key beneficiaries of iKnowHealth are: wireless carriers, insurance and medical providers, medical device partners, and patients. As a web/cloud based tool, iKnowHealth is a one-stop mobile solution the works seamlessly on different browsers and screen sizes. At the core of iKnowWare is location aware messaging that is robust enough for business, and secure for medical data collection and messaging. With unlimited message length, embedded images, hyperlinks, maps, and turn-by-turn directions, information rich alerts reach people where they are with location relevant details.

Carriers and Operators have embraced iKnowWare and iKnowHealth to monetize their networks supporting the expanding mobile workforce, and the growing field of Mobile Health (mHealth).

TC3 Nominates iKnowWare for Most Disruptive

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

iKnowWare is nominated for the "Most Disruptive Technology" at the 5th Annual SPIFFY Awards. The Council's 25 global Service Providers including AT&T, BT, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Verizon, Vodafone and many other fixed and wireless carriers from Europe, Asia, and North and South America judge iKnowWare and peers on global carrier product innovation strategies for this Innovation Award. Over 300 contributing executives will participate in this 2-day summit. Come join us at TC3 with the companies building communication networks and iKnowWare's people and innovative solution platform.

Telcom Council

LATAM Expansion by iKnowWare

iKnowWare announces a growing group of LATAM Partners for 2012. From the largest carrier operators in Brazil to the growing markets of Trinidad and Tobago. One Partner, Briza Technologies delivers Project, Inventory, Task, and Asset Management using iKnowWare to Caribbean customers having the option of client or cloud based service delivery for SMB, mHealth, and Oil and Gas Exploration clients anytime, anywhere.

Innovation Showcase at TIA 2011
TIA 2011 - Inside the Network

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) announced the selection today of iKnowWare to participate in the Innovation Showcase at TIA 2011, Inside the Network, the premier information and communications technology industry event May 17-20, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.

Selected from over 100 applicants, iKnowWare is also competing for the Innovation Showcase Awards, which are selected by the carrier members of the Showcase sponsor, The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.

Visitors to booth 417 can get one-on-one demonstrations of the iKnowWare platform for business management, the patented communications features, to learn how iKnowWare is uniquely positioned for the growing mobile workforce, and how iKnowWare will help carriers drive monetization of mobility services in next gen networks today.

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iKnowWare on panel at CTIA Orlando March 22-24th: 'Mobile Enterprise, Development of Applications and Services'
International CTIA Wireless 2011

South Hall S330 Room C&D
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

4G World
'From business management to health management: iKnowWare to leverage strengths to lead in both arenas'

Attending and participating in the trio of major mobile communications conference (4G World in Chicago in October, GSM World in Barcelona in February, and CTIA in Orlando in March) Mark Spilotro, CEO of iKnowWare, presented how iKnowWare is prepared to bring the experience gained in business management solutions to health care management.


At 4G World, iKnowWare participated on a panel with at&t, Samsung and Cisco, on the new role of Innovative Enterprise Applications in business management (Link to updated story on the News page), and concluded at CTIA in March by presenting how the same platform that today serves more than 2,000 small businesses in the US will adapt to change how health care is managed around the world.

Yankee Group Logo

The common thread in both arenas is the adoption of smartphones, tablet PCs, and devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, creating demand for applications that enable people to get things done. In business to close sales and serve customers better, and in health care to enable consumers and medical professionals to monitor health care anytime, anywhere. The Mobile Health area is growing rapidly and iKnowWare is responding with our latest industry adaptation. The capabilities that make iKnowWare the optimal platform for managing a business, patent pending communication tools and ease of use, is being harnessed to create a consumer friendly platform for health management.

Addressing WIPJam, the event at CTIA in Orlando for mobile application developers, Mark Spilotro said, "We expect consumers to turn to their smartphone or tablet computer for health care advice and preventative care more and more." The 4th annual WIPJam was sponsored by at&t.

With input from physicians, case managers, and clinicians iKnowWare is developing an array of solutions improve how health care information is accessed and managed. The iKnowWare platform for business is easily adapted to specific industry needs so addressing the opportunity presented by mHealth and the widespread adoption of powerful mobile devices was a natural step to take. Consumers can't always wait to get home to get advice on healthy lifestyle choices. "People are taking more responsibility for safeguarding their long-term quality of life and ensuring they continue to be healthy well into the future." Spilotro said. "iKnowWare will be the platform of choice connecting all of the key players into a solution that will improve health care delivery and reduce costs."

A recent survey conducted by GFK Roper revealed that 62 percent of respondents with a chronic condition believed a home medical device would help them improve their health. Over 55 percent of respondents between ages 25 and 49 expressed interest in using home medical devices including Bluetooth weight-monitoring scales and glucometers to record glucose levels of diabetics."Home and portable medical devices can save the health care system money and also enable patients to live more independently while managing their chronic conditions," Spilotro said.

Launching later in 2011, iKnowWare will provide the platform for an innovative remote monitoring device that will redefine how chronic conditions are monitored. Working with medical device partners and carriers like at&t, iKnowWare will enable this partnership to enter new markets and accelerate adoption of the new technologies that will transform how patients manage not only chronic conditions, but also help them lead healthier lives.

In the near future the health solutions iKnowWare is introducing will address improving how personal health records (PHRs) are accessed by patients and medical professionals, and bring new communication and collaboration options to Internet connected devices. Our goal is to help reduce the cost of care, and raise the quality of care for people in the developed and developing economies. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain iKnowWare met with government representatives who are tasked with containing costs and improving health care to evaluate the iKnowWare health platform.

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iKnowWare Ranked #3 by Forbes

iKnowWare was selected #3 from thousands of companies across the U.S. and is the only company on the list from the great State of Texas.

iKnowWare is empowering business to do more with less by connecting, unifying, and simplifying with a mobile smartphone or secure internet all touchpoints of marketing, sales, operations, project and knowledge management, and wireless mobile connectivity. iKnowWare is honored as #3 of "America's Most Promising Companies" by demonstrating the ability to forge key industry partnerships, innovate, grow to meet market demand, and have a dynamic management team with the ability to change, seize market opportunity, grow through alliances and partnerships.

To compile the "America's Most Promising Companies" ranking, Forbes and TVA interviewed iKnowWare management, analysts, money managers and venture capitalists, asking them to rate thousands of companies on factors that embody "Most Promising" in a company. Winners were chosen in categories: Hardware, Software, Peripherals and Manufacturing, Semiconductors, Telecom Equipment,and Internet Service and Content.

Details about Forbes Most Promising Companies in America is available at

iKnowWare Turning Data into Knowledge

iKnowWare is a Mobile Partner

iKnowWare with Wireless Broadband and Mobile Data Services provided by Carriers of at&t, VerizonWireless/Verizon Business, and regional Wireless Internet service providers have launched on-demand mobile computing and storage services delivered from three of its data centers.

The ability for mobile business customers to turn up and down resources as needed and to "Pay As You Grow" TM is dramatically lower costs and enabling the Mobile Broadband Carriers to deliver iKnowWare within hours rather than days.

After an iKnowWare Certified Channel Partner works with the customer to configure its services, that customer can access resources through an iKnowWare portal. The new on-demand capabilities will be billed based on metered usage linked to the Carrier and will allow customers to allocate expenditures by business unit.

At&t Certified

iKnowWare's software as a service/hosted applications offer certified applications on the carriers network that are used across a multitude of handsets like Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.

iKnowWare has personalized its on-demand platform to include industries with high levels of seasonality (e.g., CPAs), companies with disaster recovery applications, medium and large enterprise with large pools of mobile/field service systems, and enterprises struggling to charge back business units for the IT resources they consume. iKnowCONSTRUCTION, iKnowINSURANCE, iKnowMORTGAGES, and iKnowCPAs for example.


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From marketing and security to turning knowledge into profits, information you need today. Featuring two new publications from the Aberdeen Group on "Customer Centricity" and "Converting Data to Profits".

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